Me versus antibiotics: A battle for my body

Warning: This post is mostly one long complaint. I’m aware I have it better than some on this infertility “journey,” and for that I am grateful. But right now I’m just going to bitch.

I’ve been a human pincushion. I’ve grown gotten accustomed to having any number of wands and OB tools shoved up my lady parts. I’ve had a D&C and a medically-induced miscarriage. And then there was that epic biopsy. I get it — infertility is pain (and I’m just talking physically here, I won’t dare scratch the surface of the emotional). Of all of the things I’ve undertaken physically, I’m currently ranking side effects from my endometritis antibiotics among the crappiest (literally and figuratively).

I am taking 2,000 milligrams of antibiotics per day, for two weeks. That much should knock an infection out of an elephant. For reference, 2,000mg is more than double the amount that is typically prescribed for a common infection, like a UTI. It is A LOT of medication. A lot of medication that has been incredibly unkind to my gastrointestinal tract. Any GI issue you can think of I have probably experienced in the last week. Sometimes several at once. When it’s not painful, it’s irritating nausea (etc.) that just never goes away. I haven’t felt like myself (or, let’s be honest, anywhere close) since mere hours after I took my first dose. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m just not going to feel any better until the antibiotics course is over. THREE MORE DAYS HALLELUJAH.

As I said, I get it. This infertility business hasn’t ever been easy. But man if this doesn’t really suck.


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All hail me, the antibiotic queen

The last two months have been, shall we say, a bit confusing in Infertility Land. Following my second unsuccessful IVF transfer in November, my doctor was puzzled why three seemingly good (day 5 and 6) embryos had failed to implant. Statistically, given both my and my husband’s genetic screening are normal, it is extremely unlikely that they were all abnormal.

My doctor:


The most likely candidate for failed implantation in my case (to recap: two failed IVFs, two miscarriages, and a boatload of IUIs totaling more than four years of unexplained infertility) is endometritis.

WTF is that and why does it sound just like endometriosis?

Endometritis is inflamed uterine lining, and I have it. Chronically. And how did we land on this diagnosis? With the most painful biopsy of my uterus I could imagine. I do not mince words here. I have a reasonably high tolerance for pain. I’ve had sporadic kidney stones since I was about 17 years old. I bite down and bear it. A uterine lining biopsy is no joke. I, in fact, nearly fainted. I sat up following the procedure, felt weird, and then hear my doctor and nurse yelling into the hallway for juice and a cold compress as they each grab my hands and check my pulse. It had slowed to about 50/bpm.

This endometritis thing is wack, but at least we’re starting to get some answers. I was asymptomatic, so there was no real reason to test for this before. It’s possible that I contracted the initial infection that lay essentially dormant when I had my D&C for my first miscarriage. The timing of that makes complete sense, actually. Nothing has worked since then. The number one complication of endometritis is infertility. Check! I got that.

I was relieved to have a diagnosis and something to blame the stress of the last few years of fertility treatments on. And thankfully, chronic endometritis is treatable. Just a course of antibiotics should clear it right up! Yes, there would be another painful biopsy waiting for me on the other side of that treatment, but so what?

I dutifully took my two pills a day for three weeks (thanks to a sinus infection prior to my treatment, my course of antibiotics was more like four and a half weeks). Then tried to keep my anxiety at bay for the next invasion of my uterus. You know what helps, though? Valium! The most wonderful nurse on the planet gave me one about an hour before the procedure and I’d slide that pain scale on down to a seven this time around. I was also pretty high most of the day, so I joyfully spent the following few hours in my bed.

Fast forward one week to yesterday… results day. No bueno. The tissue remains inflamed. Three weeks of antibiotics is no match for MY chronic endometritis!


So, ya know, that’s not fair. The next step is a double dose of antibiotics for two more weeks. And then we biopsy again. Cannot wait for that good time.

In all seriousness, I’m sad. Sad that this easy treatment for this condition we didn’t know I had didn’t work. Sad that the timing of all this effectively prevents us from having a child in 2017, even if I were to successfully get pregnant in my next FET cycle. Which, sure, is fine, but it’s just one more thing that sucks. I made an effort to start the year positively after the last few have beat the crap out of me, and it makes me question why I’m ever positive.

Yes, I’m selfish — I want a baby and I’m pissed that I’ve waited so long to get what I want. Only to just keep on waiting. Now I’m waiting with boxes of probiotics and Monistat to quickly clear the inevitable yeast infection.