December 2012:  This is where it begins, au naturel.

November 2014:  Something’s not quite right, let’s check it out.

January 2015:  “Graduated” to our fertility clinic. After the normal workup of tests, diagnosed with “unexplained infertility,” also known as ::shrugs::. First Clomid + IUI cycle.

March 2015:  Second Clomid + IUI cycle. The one where the timing was a total crap shoot and it actually worked.

April 2015:  Miscarriage at six weeks and D&C. April sucks.

June 2015:  Third Clomid + IUI cycle.

February 2016:  Fourth Clomid + IUI cycle. Pregnant.

April 2016:  Miscarriage at seven weeks. No, seriously, April sucks.

May 2016:  Begin acupuncture

June 2016:  First IVF attempt. Stim cycle resulting in 23 eggs, and six embryos. Fresh embryo transfer of one, 3AB. Big failure.

November 2016:  Second IVF attempt. Frozen transfer (FET) of two embyros, Anna and Elsa. Epic fail, as the youngsters say.

January 2017:  First uterine lining biopsy (ouch). Diagnosed with chronic endometritis

February 2017:  Following an antibiotic regimen, second biopsy. Chronic endometritis wins round one. Proceed with a boatload of antibiotics for round two. 

March 2017:  Third (and heaven willing final) biopsy. I win round two, suckas. Goodbye endometritis

April 2017:  Clomid + IUI cycle numero cinco, because why not go back to what worked? Spoiler alert: not this time.

August 2017: Third (and final?) IVF attempt. FET of two embryos, Olaf and Anakin. Chemical pregnancy (aka world’s shortest pregnancy).

October 2017: Just kidding, we’re going to try this again. Second opinion from a new RE.

November 2017 – February 2018: Lost 35 pounds to try to produce better quality eggs.

February/March 2018: IVF attempt #4Stim Part Deux: Electric Boogaloo resulting in 34 eggs and five embryos. PGS testing of five, plus leftover from stim #1. Two lucky winners, 6AA and 5BB. Lots of happy crying.

April 2018: ERA / mock FET cycle. Fourth biopsy and I didn’t faint! ERA determined I am 12 hours pre-receptive. Moved PIO shots to the mornings to accommodate appropriate transfer timing.

May 2018: FET of 5BB. IVF pregnancy with Little Wookiee.

February 10, 2019: Eliza Jayne arrives