In dreams

This morning when my husband woke me up for work (he always wakes up at least an hour before me naturally… such a weirdo), I was having a very vivid dream. In it, I was in a car with my mother (who was driving), and we were frantically following a red car driven by my infant son, Noah. I was crying and freaking out because not only had I let my son drive — what a horrible mother! — but he was doing so poorly and he was sure to get into an accident. I talked to him via speakerphone in the car and told him to stop at the gas station nearby. He did, but then my mother couldn’t pull in behind him so he left and drove in the opposite direction. I told him never to tell his father about this, and then I said to my mother that being a mom was just too stressful.

Let’s brush past the very strange visual of a baby driving a car, shall we?

Aside from that, it feels awfully telling of my infertility experience that my subconscious has my infant son literally driving away from me. I am chasing him, but he’s always out of my reach. Then, when we are in the same place (the gas station), I am in the wrong lane, so he drives away in the opposite direction.

Dreams, amirite?


When you Google “baby driving a car” there’s a surprising number of images available…

Also, where’d the name Noah come from?


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