In hopes of a false negative

Anna and Elsa didn’t stick. Probably.

Does anyone have experience with a false negative pregnancy test following an FET? My husband, ever the online researcher, immediately hit the message boards yesterday following the call from my doc saying that our IVF was, again, unsuccessful. He found many women had experienced a false negative in their first HCG test. The “many” was enough for him to suggest that I retake it later this week. So I am.

I really was not prepared for another negative this time; I was feeling incredibly positive about a good result. The news of another failed IVF hasn’t completely sunk in yet. I don’t know what’s next, other than retaking the test. I’ll do that to give him some peace of mind. He deserves it, too.


8 thoughts on “In hopes of a false negative

  1. The EcoFeminist says:

    My RE said if I get a negative HPT at 8 days after 5 day transfer, to test up until 10 or 12 days just in case, but if a blood test is negative, sadly it is truly negative, and they’ll know that 8 days after a 5-day transfer.

    So sorry for the crappy news you’re dealing with 😦

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    • wannabemamab says:

      Thanks for the info and support! It was, unfortunately, a blood draw so very likely the real deal. I don’t have high hopes, but its worth it to test again since my husband believes I should.


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