The someday nursery

There’s a mostly empty, unused room in my house. It’s the someday nursery.

My husband and I bought our first home last fall. It had been one of our primary goals since leaving New York City (other than the obvious one). We closed on our house just two days after we found out that our last FET didn’t work. At the time, that was probably the best thing for me. I was so busy trying to prepare for the move that the grief I felt over another failed IVF didn’t hit me right away.

I’d, of course, hoped that we’d get that positive pregnancy test just in time to move into our new home. We were literally leaving the place where we’d experienced two miscarriages and many more failed attempts to go somewhere new. It’s drenched in symbolism. I’d mentally planned to organize a specific room as our guest room, and leave the third bedroom a fresh canvas for the baby that was sure to have found it’s cozy home in me.

The room is still empty.

Last week, when I was feeling especially down on myself and stuck in this limbo of endometritis treatment, I decided I needed to do something about the room. I did have plans for that Saturday, so I made the room my plan. I was going to unpack the few boxes in there, set up our desk, hang some art on the walls.

I did none of that.

I didn’t even walk into the room.

Among the absurdly complex emotions I have about infertility is the idea that my whole life is on hold. That’s partially on me. I’m afraid to move forward for fear that it will just keep on moving without a baby. I don’t want to just accept things as they are. I don’t want to be comfortable in this uncomfortable place.

But, sometimes moving forward helps. Buying the house and all the logistics involved helped occupy my mind and kept me busy. Wayfair and West Elm occupied my time and my wallet. It felt really good to be doing something.

I constantly ask myself, what’s the balance here? How can I be okay with where I am right now without being complacent? How does anyone go through this sh*t and not be completely changed by it?

That stupid, empty room.


6 thoughts on “The someday nursery

  1. rainbowmc says:

    I am sorry about everything that has happened with infertility. I am on the same boat with you. My hubby and I got the nursery room all prepared before we started the first IUI. We bought decor, baby clothes and even a stroller (Looking back, how naive we were.). So I definitely understand your feeling. For a while we both didn’t go into that room at all. It is just too hard to face it. Sending my love for you

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  2. Amy says:

    “Iā€™m afraid to move forward for fear that it will just keep on moving without a baby.” This sentence captured something that I have been feeling lately. Thanks for putting words to it. You are not alone. There is a “guest room” in our house that I painted yellow so it would be ready to be switched to the baby room when it came time. After 5 years it is still a guest room.

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  3. dubliner in deutschland says:

    There’s also a room in our house I used to call ‘our future child’s room’. Instead of leaving it empty we decided to put a small bed and book shelf in there. At the moment we just use it as an occasional guest room. But I still often feel sad when I go in there wishing the room could be used for it’s true purpose. The infertility limbo land is awful!


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